Directions to the grave

My brother’s 30th birthday was this weekend.  I was too far away to visit his grave, and everyone closer couldn’t handle going, so I gave directions to an aunt who said she’d go on our behalf and bring flowers.  Here are the directions:

If you’re going north, take the first entrance into the cemetery (it’s the only entrance from that side).  Make the first right, and drive around just west of the big building you see.  Stay on that road as it curves around to the left (pointing you due east), and stay straight on that road for about 1/8 of a mile, to a garbage can on the right side of the road.  Alex is buried to the right of that road, just beyond the garbage can, in a plot that is stuck between that road and a high fence that marks off the entrance to the ill-placed hopefully-named Resurrection Medical Center.  It is just before another road that would allow you to turn left.  You have gone too far if there are no grave stones to your right; Alex’s grave is among the newer dug ones in that area.  His grave is the second in from the road, and it’s marked by a plastic placard facing south and missing one of its two metal spokes; there should also be a plant hanger stuck in by the placard, with either a pot of dead chilies or no pot at all.



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