Follow-up to the viral blog

I have been concerned about revisiting this blog since my Open Letter to the President went viral. 40,000+ of you, around the world, read my words.  This blog was intended to have a very low footprint and be primarily an outlet for my feelings, not a rallying cry to thousands; nevertheless, I am touched that my words in some way affected so many people who did not know me or my brother.  The thoughtful and supportive comments I received from most people were read and appreciated.  The few hate-filled or ignorant comments are misplaced; I have no power, except I must in that you feel the need to correct, insult, or diminish me.  

To the people who shared their own stories with me, thank you.  Although I am not posting comments because there were too many and this page is not a discussion forum, know that I read every word.  I may even follow up with a few of you, when I muster the energy.  But for now, back to writing introspective posts.


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